Dancing Yoga

by Alejandro Campos

Creator and director

Located in the articulation between diverse realms, Alejandro Campos has exceptional interdisciplinary experience. He holds a master’s degree with honorable mention in Cartographies of Contemporary Art (INBAL), an undergraduate degree with honorable mention in Economics (ITAM) and undergraduate studies in Music Technology (New York University, The University of Edinburgh). Moreover, Alejandro has worked professionally as a yoga professor, dancer, choreographer, writer, pianist, math professor and public policy analyst. 


Alejandro has given classes and workshops in some of the most prestigious yoga and dance studios in Mexico City, and at national yoga and dance events. His choreographic work has been selected for various national and international contests, festivals, and art biennales. His literary and essayistic work has been published in several magazines. 

Dancing Yoga

Due to his outstanding capacity to intertwine disciplines, Alejandro created Dancing Yoga, a movement language that frees the body’s expression through yogic training. Dancing yoga is for any expressive souls wanting to channel their bodies’ sensitivity. Moreover, the combination of yoga’s strength and flexibility training together with the coordination required for dancing makes dancing yoga a unique match for the body’s neuromuscular health. By expressing, dancing yogis free both their bodies and their minds. 


Dancing yoga is for everyone. The range of bodies that have practiced this discipline range from professional dancers to beginner yogis and dancers. 


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Moving Meditations

«Moving Meditations» is Dancing Yoga’s most recent choreographic program. This program presents five short pieces connected through meditations guided by a host. The common denominator of these pieces is that they use the dancing yoga movement language, which makes them all the product of a meditative practice that was moved beyond a subject in its desire to be expressed. The spectator’s aesthetic experience is emphasized by these meditations. Thus, the program proposes an innovative artistic experience.   

Express through yoga